“Insights inspire creativity.”

A wide variety of interactive workshops to introduce and practice the latest creative technologies and their applications in art, design and commercial projects. The content and knowledge level is tailored to the actual audience.

We are passionate about sharing our expertise and insights on future technologies. Join one of our workshops or organise one for your team! For nonprofit organisations we are happy to offer our services free of charge.

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2D TO 3D
Global tendencies leading our visual culture towards fully immersive 3D experiences. It’s a fundamental paradigm shift changing how we design and consume digital content.
3D WEB (WebGL)
How WebGL is revolutionizing web design. Understanding the new potentials for design, layout and navigation. Covering creative and commercial use as well.
XR, WebGL, NFT, Metaverse... we are living in revolutionary times. It's crucial to stay up-to-date and be inspired by the new possibilities.
3D & XR for Creatives
Virtual technologies are revolutionizing the creative sector. Experience the new opportunities it holds for your practice. Tailored to the requested industry: visual arts, fashion, music, marketing...
Collaborative Coding
More time for creativity and more fun with collaborations! We learn about the right strategies and platforms for reusing and sharing code based creative ideas.
Music Production Bootcamp
From synths to drum machines, from hardware to DAW ... We do a comprehensive and fun intro that encourages youngsters to start a journey in electronic music production.


2021.10.19 - Brixton, London
Drew London #2
topic: WebGL for Creatives
2021.09.11 - Peckham, London
Peckham Digital
topic: Collaborative Coding
2020.09.03 - Brixton, London
Drew Talks
topic: 2D to 3D
2021.08.31 - Brixton, London
Jumbo Prospects
topic: 3D/XR for Creatives
2021.08.16 - Brixton, London
Drew London #1
topic: WebGL for Creatives
2021.07.22 - Brixton, London
Young Creatives
topic: 3D/XR for Creatives
2020.10.23 - Brixton, London
Dill Drill
topic: 3D/XR for Creatives
2020.02.12 - Brixton, London
BLP Youth Innovation
topic: 3D/XR for Creatives
2019.11.03 - Catford, London
Salifou Sylla Found.
topic: Music Production
2019.06.14 - Hungary, EU
Kendli Major
topic: Journey of Andor
2019.05.10 - Hoxton, London
100 Years Gallery
topic: Audio Visual States
2019.02.05 - Borough, London
Pink Squid
topic: AR for Marketing
2018.12.16 - Brick Lane, London
Art Bla Bla
topic: Interactive Visuals
2018.11.08 - Bermondsey, London
OHH Creative Space
topic: 3D/XR for Dancers
2018.09.29 - Catford, London
Salifou Sylla Found.
topic: 3D/XR for Creatives
2018.09.28 - Elms Lesters, Covent Garden
topic: Music Reactive Visuals
2016.11.15 - Shoreditch, London
Ableton & Unity3D
topic: Music Reactive Visuals
2016.07.30 - Science Museum, London
topic: Music Reactive Visuals
2016.02.04 - City of London
Real-time data in 3D
topic: 3D/XR for Fin-tech
2016.02.03 - Shoreditch, London
VJ London
topic: Interactive Visuals
2015.11.04 - Budapest, Hungary
Bye Budapest
topic: Music Reactive Visuals
2013.05.22 - 100 Years Gallery, London
Drawing The Future
topic: Music Reactive Visuals
2013.04.28 - Barbican Centre, London
Hack the Barbican
topic: Music Reactive Visuals
2012.10.12 - 100 Years Gallery, London
Dark Energy
topic: Music Reactive Visuals
2012.04.07 - Bristol, UK
Improv Bristol
topic: 3D/XR for Dancers