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2D TO 3D
Global tendencies leading our visual culture towards fully immersive 3D experiences. It’s a fundamental paradigm shift changing how we design and consume digital content.
3D WEB (WebGL)
How WebGL is revolutionizing web design. Understanding the new potentials for design, layout and navigation. Covering creative and commercial use as well.
XR, WebGL, NFT, Metaverse... we are living in revolutionary times. It's crucial to stay up-to-date and be inspired by the new possibilities.


2021.09.11 - Peckham, London
Peckham Digital
2020.09.03 - Brixton, London
Drew Talks
2019.06.14 - Hungary, EU
Kendli Major
2019.05.10 - Hoxton, London
100 Years Gallery
2019.02.05 - Borough, London
Pink Squid
2018.12.16 - Brick Lane, London
Art Bla Bla
2016.02.03 - Shoreditch, London
VJ London