Web mini games are a proven tool for marketing. They generate long term engagement and viral reach.
Entertaining customers makes them more loyal, and more likely to share your message. Reaching a wide audience is easy, as web games can be played in the browser without downloading a new app.
WebGL can be used for a variety of games, from classic platformers to interesting indie concepts and racing games.


Games can be used to create an entertaining shopping experience, by helping customers discover new products in novel ways.
In this example by Vuitton, you collect products in game and get a list of what you have found when you lose.
This is fun for the customers, and they are incited to replay in order to better their score and find new products, increasing the time they spend interacting with the site.


Games can aim to advertise a brand as whole instead of focusing on individual products.
This is the case in this example by Estée Lauder, combining a few minigames across several genres.
The games are simple yet beautifully crafted. The visuals and music come together to project the impression of a fashion brand that is beautiful, modern and fun.


Games based on skills required by your industry are a good way to attract talent.
The US Air Force has a stunning recruitement game. The sci fi inspired graphics, fun reactive graphics and soundscape create an immersive and entertaining experience. It portrays the USAF as an organisation that is already operating in the future (this site wouldn’t look out of place in any sci-fi series on Netflix), and just feels very cool.
A great way to attract people with gaming skills that would otherwise not engage with the USAF.

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